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The Comprehensive Subject Index (CSI) is a searchable database of references to named people, objects, places or events. The data has been compiled by TFHS volunteers over many years from the contents of publications in TFHS branch libraries.

CSI has for some years been made available only through an application running on a PC in the Hobart branch library. You are now accessing CSI through the internet. We have not implemented every function available on the PC but all data is available here, We are working toward full functionality here.

CSI is a work in progress. Indexing carries on and data is regularly added to the database. The database certainly does not cover every publication. So even if you search CSI and get no results, that does not necessarily mean that our society cannot help you. We have many other resources to assist you with your research. We also have volunteers willing to assist - check here for more details.

Each item of information can take two forms, either

  • a mandatory name together with optional given names, or
  • a major subject together with a topic within that subject's domain, with
  • a reference showing where in the publication the reference can be found.
While most sources can be found at the Hobart branch in Bellerive, many can also be found in other branches. So contact your local branch first when trying to locate a source or book.
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Getting involved

Members may become involved in the CSI project. The easiest way is to index publications.

The first step is to contact the Hobart branch and indicate your interest. You can email us at secretary@hobart.tasfhs.org

You will be contacted by the branch to discuss how you can most efficiently assist with indexing considering your location and technology.

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